Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bill Bryson on Science

From an article in today's Telegraph (here):
"Think of a single problem confronting the world today," says Bill Bryson, in full rhetorical flow. "Disease, poverty, global warming… If the problem is going to be solved, it is science that is going to solve it. Scientists tend to be unappreciated in the world at large, but you can hardly overstate the importance of the work they do. If anyone ever cures cancer, it will be a guy with a science degree." There is a fractional pause, then a sheepish smile. "Or a woman with a science degree."
At this point, of course, cable news would offer equal time to some religious nut who, having flown into town for the interview on an airplane, while reading a Kindle, listening to an I-Pod or catching up on unread e-mails on an I-Phone, will argue that scientists are self-serving, humanistic heathens, who make up data to further their own, secular political agenda.

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