Saturday, September 25, 2010

Arsenal Embarrass Themselves at Home

A sleepwalking Arsenal side were down 3-0 to West Brom at home in the second half (after West Brom missed a first-half penalty kick) before they seem to realize that they were not playing a training game. They managed to close the score to 3-2, but West Brom hung on for a well-deserved win.

If Arsene Wenger cannot fire up his players and get a more consistent team effort (especially at home), then Arsenal don't deserve to win any hardware this season, and all of Wenger's supposed genius in picking out young talent is so much hot air. Talent, alone, doesn't win championships. Maybe it's time for new leadership at Ashburton Grove to put some fire in the bellies of the players.

UPDATE: Fortunately, Arsenal did not lose much ground to their chief rivals as Chelsea suffered its first lost of the season at Man City, and Man U drew at Bolton. Man U is now a point in front of Arsenal, and Man City have tied the Gunners on points, with Chelsea still clear in first. I can't help but feel concern, however, that an early-season loss at home to an admittedly good West Brom side will come back to haunt the Gunners in the end.

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