Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Who Reads This Odd Blog? (A Bit of Navel Gazing)

On average, this blog is read by around 45 people every day. For a couple of months, readership nearly doubled, but is has since fallen off again. I know several of my regular readers personally. Some are academic colleagues; others are cycling teammates. But I confess to have no clue about the majority of those who peruse my posts; I don't know if it's the same people every day or different folks. Frankly, it's difficult for me to understand why anyone, who is not a friend or acquaintance (or perhaps someone I used to know as a friend, colleague, or student, who just wants to check up on me occasionally, though this is probably wishful thinking on my part), would be interested in the strange combination of stuff I post here. 

Virtually all of the posts on this blog fall into one of six categories: (1) cycling; (2) birthdays; (3) climate policy; (4) stuff I'm reading and/or writing about; (5) occasional reactions to stuff other people are posting on law, economics, and/or the environment; and (6) rarely (but not rarely enough) obituaries for people I have known and/or admired. I can't imagine many people would such a combination of blog topics of sufficient interest to visit this site regularly. Goodness knows, most of my academic friends and colleagues would find my numerous cycling posts irrelevant and/or uninteresting. And I can't imagine my cycling friends care very much about what I might say about climate policy or any other topic at the intersection of law, economics, and the environment. Simply put, this is an intentionally idiosyncratic blog that really is designed to appeal to myself, first and foremost, plus the few like-minded nuts who share my eclectic collection of interests. That there might be 45 such people astounds me.

I don't know for how long I'll continue this blog, but for now I'm still mostly enjoying it (although I sometimes long for a bit more feedback, hint, hint). I'm much happier doing this than I was posting stuff on Facebook, or would be contributing to a more serious, narrowly focused, professional blog, even if it meant a larger readership. I don't expect to get rich and famous from blogging anymore than from publishing academic books and articles. I'm interested in the generation and exchange of ideas, not marketing.

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  1. It's actually the smorgasbord that makes it interesting. You missed one category (Arsenal), but I find that good since I rarely read those. I only read the topics that interests me, which actually can be found in all of your categories.

    Here's my ranking of the categories:
    1. Cycling
    2 Stuff you are reading or writing about
    3. Reaction to other posts
    4. Climate policy
    5. Birthdays and obituaries


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