Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Ultimate Team Treachery and Deceit Ride

1.  Call a "no-drop, moderate" ride.
2.  Lead the group north into the wind at 22 mph.
3.  After turning south with the wind, use traffic to gain a gap on the field, then drop everyone.

Congratulations to Bob, Tommy and Frank for "winning" a race against their friends who were not racing. They must be very proud.

Rate this ride: *** (I actually enjoyed the ride a lot, but as a group ride, it sucked.)

RETRACTION: I clearly have the wrong idea about no-drop group rides. I thought that, aside from occasional forays off the front, folks would generally stay together and enjoy the ride as a group. Apparently, all group rides, including no-drop rides, are really more in the nature of mini-races, where the goal is to beat your friends, rather than ride with them. My apologies to Bob, Tommy, Frank and anyone else my original message offended.

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