Thursday, August 19, 2010

Squirrelier and Squirrelier

Is it just me, or do all the Nebo rides seem to be getting more dangerous as they become more crowded? It used to be that the "A" group was fast; the "Killer Bs" were slightly less fast and squirrely; and the "Honey Bs" were careful and mild-mannered. Now, it seems, the "As" are very fast and squirrely, the "Killer Bs" nearly as fast and even more squirrely; and the "Honey Bs" have gotten faster and pretty darn squirrely.

I could just be that I'm still a bit skittish, coming off my recent crash, but my sense is that all the Nebo rides have become too crowded, too fast, and, consequently, too dangerous. Maybe it's time for me to find a different, smaller and tamer ride on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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  1. for what its worth, I've also found that riding in smaller groups is advantageous for several reasons; though, I must confess: our smaller groups tend to ride fewer miles, so its a catch 22.

  2. I'm not so sure about the catch 22. Last night, it was just me and Dr. Wilkes for 35 excellent miles. Many weekends, our small groups ride 70-80 miles each day. I think the main pull of the big groups is wider socializing and hammering (especially the latter).


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