Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Off to College

Today promises to be a very emotional one for the Cyclingprof household. We are moving our daughter to Bloomington later this morning, where she will begin undergraduate studies at IU next week. We are making a complete family event of it, even taking son Stefan out of school for the day so that he can participate. I don't think he really comprehends yet how much he's going to miss his big sister. Mrs. Cylcingprof, on the other hand, has been anticipating and dreading this day for months already.

The hardened father in me says, "It's about time." Indeed, Marysia's been ready for college for more than a year in my estimation. And yet, this is one of life's milestones that, for parents at least, is so very difficult to grasp and accept: How did that delightful and tender little girl grew up so fast and so well - became so smart and capable - in what seems the blink of an eye? Scenes of good times and bad (but mostly good) intrude  without warning, so real that I can almost touch my baby, my 3-year-old, my 7-year-old girl.

As much as I try to remain the emotionally remote, rational "Dad," it is inevitably a very sad day for me, though I am so very happy for my girl. And I could not be more proud of her.

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