Saturday, August 28, 2010

Interview with David Grossman

Here in The Guardian. Grossman is my favorite Israeli author. I just ordered his new book, To the End of the Land (Knopf 2010), which is being hailed as his "masterpiece" - high praise indeed, given previous works like See Under: Love and The Book of Intimate Grammar. Here, for example, is the conclusion of a review recently published in The Independent (here):
Gassy superlatives have been heaped on this novel by writers such as Paul Auster and Nicole Krauss. It is tricky to set out the scale of Grossman's achievement without resorting to reviewers' clichés. He has aimed as high as it is possible to do in a novel which deals with the great questions of love, intimacy, war, memory and fear of personal and national annihilation - and has overwhelmingly achieved everything. To the End of the Land will have to be read and re-read to begin to scratch the surface of its ambitions to scrape raw the human heart.

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