Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Great Sunday Ride (Regardless of Tire Issues)

Thanks to Tom Wilson for putting together a great route for a truly beautiful summer morning (it's not often like this in Central Indiana at the beginning of August), that took a small group from the Nebo Ridge Bike Shop in Zionsville north to Kirklin, Frankfort, back the Kirklin, then to Elizaville and Lebanon. Aaron and Wayde pulled us most of the way north into a minor breeze, before they had to turn back. That left just Tom, two Davids (including, impressively, David Kaplan who crashed during yesterday's ride), George, and me.

The roads were mostly nicely paved (with the notable section of a 5-mile stretch of gravel from Kirlin to Elizaville) and very quiet. The pace, for the most part, was very sensible, staying within the range of 19-22 mph. The only exception to that was the Elizaville Road down to Lebanon, where, aided by a decent tailwind, we averaged closer to 28 mph.

Unfortunately, I flatted again today, several times. After changing out another tube, I found a small hole in the rear tire, but nothing sharp in it. Nevertheless, I suffered from a slow leak for most of the second half of the ride. Finally, by the time we got to the last SAG in Lebanon, my tire wouldn't hold air very long, and I was forced to abandon the ride at the southern end of Lebanon. Fortunately, my daughter was home and willing to pick me up. Time for a new rear tire, I suppose.

The flats, while bothersome, did not spoil the ride for me. I enjoyed nearly every one of the 74 miles I rode this morning (though not the 5 graveled miles from Kirklin to Elizaville).

Rate this ride: ****

In other cycling news, congratulations to Rebecca Zink for winning the Zionsville Criterium Women's race. Rebecca rode a very smart race. She worked hard at the start to stick with the Cat 5 men, who were on the course at the same time. She managed to hook on to the second group of men in the Cat 5 race, which allowed her to sit on their wheels and save energy, while the other women in the race where on their own the whole time. Rebecca lapped at least one, and maybe, both of the other women before the end. She won in a breeze.

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  1. I lapped one girl three times and the other girl twice... ;)

    Thanks for coming out to watch today, I enjoyed having you and Stefan there to cheer for me. :)


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