Monday, August 9, 2010

Day Two After the Crash

My lower back started loosening up a bit yesterday (Sunday) afternoon, to the point where I could walk without too much pain, and even climb down and up the stairs. After another good night's sleep, the back was still better this morning. Then, this afternoon, I had an awesome, very careful massage from Terry Atwood (a.k.a. the world's greatest masseuse) of Massage Wellness Clinic, I am now walking pretty much without a limp. It still takes a bit of an effort to turn, get up, sit down, or lie down, but it's still only the second day after the crash. At this rate of recovery, I hope to get out for at least a short spin on the bike with my son before the week is over.

The news isn't quite so good for my bike, which I brought into Nebo Ridge for repairs this afternoon. Turns out my saddle is bent without hope of repair. My handlebars and the brake levers/shifters may also have issues. Both wheels definitely need truing, and the derailleurs require adjustment. There's no obvious damage to the frame or fork, but I'll have to wait for master mechanic Scott Rodriguez to go over the whole bike with a fine-tooth comb before I have the final damage assessment.

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