Monday, August 16, 2010

Back on the Bike

A little over a week after the wreck, and after two decent spins on the trainer in the basement this weekend, I was back on the bike this evening for the traditional Monday recovery ride with the group. Although I'm not yet fully recovered from my injuries, it felt great to be back on the bike and riding with the gang, especially Stefan. It was particularly nice to see Larry, who had just (and I mean just) returned from the Leadville 100 in Colorado, and Tim W., whom we haven't seen much of lately because he's been traveling for work - in fact, the only reason he made the ride this evening is his trip to D.C. today was postponed until tomorrow. Now, we'll see how my back and hips respond overnight to the exertion.

Rate this ride: *****

UPDATE:  I can definitely feel last night's right in my lower back this morning, even more than I had anticipated. Clearly, I've got a ways to go before I'm completely recovered. I'm not really certain at this point what is my best recovery plan. Should I take short and easy rides each day? Should I be taking days off between rides? Or just stay on my trainer until the bruises are more completely healed?


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