Friday, July 9, 2010

What's Levi Talking About?

Here's an easy one-question quiz as we head into what I hope to be a great weekend of cycling.

Today, Levi Leipheimer gave the following quote to the press (see here):
 "It's stressful, the speeds are high, the skills of the riders are improving all the time, nobody gives an inch, and every inch of the asphalt is taken. The sport is definitely evolving."
  Was Levi talking about:
     a: the Tuesday evening World Championships at Nebo Ridge?
     b: the Killer Bs on Thursdays?
     c. the Wilkes/Raynor group everyday?
     d. the Tour de France?

(Hint: "skills of the riders are improving all the time" should be a giveaway. More Neboites need to attend Coach Steve's skills training sessions.)

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