Saturday, July 31, 2010

An (Overly) Eventful Ride

A good size group left Fishback Academy at 7:30 this morning, and rode in a spirited but sensible fashion down south of Pittsboro, then up to Lebanon, then back. The best thing about the ride was that we avoided most of the rain; we only had to deal with a few sprinkles here and there. The worst thing about the ride was a dog named Max in the hamlet of Tilden, which ran right into Dave Kaplan's front wheel. Dave went down hard, but fortunately he seems only to have scraped his elbow and bruised his hip. I'm sure he'll be sore tomorrow, but it could have been worse. Trooper that he is, Dave finished the ride with the group. Not only that, he initiated the sprint up to the top of Pittsboro Rd in Lebanon. We were hauling butt up there, with a gusty SW wind helping us to speeds of 28-30 mph for about 5 miles. Of course, once we got to Lebanon we had to turn into the wind to head home. By that point, the group was down to about 10 riders, but we got a really good paceline going, with the fast lane going 21 mph and the slow lane going 19.5 or so. Then, the final misadventure of the ride occurrred, when I flatted at the intersection of Indianapolis Rd. and 267. It gave me an opportunity, however, to demonstrate one of the great virtues of the wide rims on HED wheels: tire changes are a breeze.

A final word to everyone who kicked my @$$ up Lafayette hill: When I got home, I discovered that my rear brake was rubbing the wheel rim all the way back from Indianapolis Rd. and 267.

Rate this ride: ***


  1. If memory serves, you mentioned you were riding on Hutchinson Intrepid tires (tubeless, of course). You might think its a silly question, but are you always carrying the spare?

  2. Today I was riding my HED Jet 60s, which I have not converted to tubeless (because I don't want to constantly be using a valve-extender). But even when I am riding with my tubeless wheels, I always carry a spare tube just in case.


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