Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday (Im)Moderate Ride

I awoke with sore legs and a tired body this morning, but ready for the "moderate" 50-mile ride Dr. Wilkes had called for this morning. Unfortunately, three of the eight riders who showed up at Fishback Creek Academy at 7 am apparently misread the instructions, and thought it was supposed to be an "immoderate" ride.

Larry, Bob and Brian shredded the group from the get-go. We lost sight of them as we turned onto Hunt Club Rd in Zionsville, just a few miles into the ride. Fortunately, Karl had announced at the start that he was on a recovery day, and intended to ride a truncated route. So, after the racers waited up to regroup, we split into two groups. David continued on a longer, faster ride north with Larry, Bob and Brian. Big Frank, Tommy, and I turned back with Karl.

In the end, I had a good recovery ride. 26 miles at an easy pace. That makes 136 miles from Friday evening through this morning.

Rate this ride: Immoderate ride: *
                      Recovery ride ****

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