Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday Coffee Shop Ride

After a few (much needed) rest days off the bike, I rode the Zionsville Coffee Shop Ride, lead by my esteemed  Nebo Ridge teammates Wayde and Aaron. The weather was glorious and the ride was great. Our large group of more than 20 riders averaged 21 mph for the 42 miles, including a climb up the infamous Fishback "wall" and a longer but somewhat easier climb up Ford Rd into Zionsville. The pace of the ride was fairly consistent, and easy for those of us sitting in and drafting. We weren't just riding "junk miles" however. On a couple of occasions  the tempo picked up to 25-28 mph for a mile or two. David, Ken, Tommy, Mark, and I got in an additional 16 miles or so, riding to and from the coffee shop.

On tap for tomorrow: an 80-mile ride from the Nebo Ridge Bike Shop.

Rate this ride: *****

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