Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mixed Results in the Tues World Championships

I had a mixed bag of a ride this evening at the Nebo Ridge Tuesday Night World Championships. I started out with the "A" group, which went out pretty fast. At one point, heading north on Little Eagle Creek, speeds got up to 28 mph. I was riding too far towards the back, and had to use a lot of energy to chase up after every stop and turn. I knew that I'd never be able to keep up after we crossed 32 and speeds really picked up. I was right. I got dropped on the way into Lamong. So, I rode easy for several minutes, waiting to get picked up by the "B" group. Once that happened, I settled into that group, which tonight was smaller and traveling at a somewhat easier 22-25-mph pace. I took some pulls at the front, and then when we hit the sprint zone on West Rd., I put myself into a good position, followed the right wheels, and managed to take out the sprint, hitting 31 mph just before the line. That's the first time I managed to win a sprint in one of the more competitive Nebo groups. But it took everything I had, and I just soft pedaled the rest of the way in.


  1. Congratulations on the sprint!! That's awesome!

  2. Rock on Brother Dan..! Awesome...


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