Thursday, July 15, 2010

Breaking TdF News

Mark Renshaw, lead-out man for HTC-Columbia Sprinter Mark Cavendish, has been kicked out of the Tour for head-butting Julian Dean, the lead-out man for Garmin-Transitions sprinter Tyler Farrar (see here). It wasn't obvious to me, watching the stage live, whether Renshaw was blocking Dean or Dean was impinging on Renshaw's line, but TdF officials must have had a better look on video tape. In ejecting Renshaw from the race, the officials did not mention the fact that, during the same sprint, Renshaw also blocked Farrar's line after he pulled off the front to spring Cavendish.

It seems a pretty extreme penalty for an incident in which no one was hurt - compare the paltry fines issued to two riders who engaged in fisticuffs after a stage a few days ago - but apparently the heightened risk of a crash at the front of a bunch sprint was enough for TdF officials to take strong action.

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