Saturday, July 3, 2010

Best Ride of the Year (So Far)

With an almost ideal combination of excellent weather, distance, and superb route (thanks Bill!), today's group ride was the best of the year so far. We started at 7:30, when the temperature was still below 60. By the end of the ride, it had warmed up to 78. The wind was not to bad at 6-7 mph, consistently from the southeast, and humidity was tolerable.

Here's today's route:

We had an excellent group of riders, including Bill and Chris, David, Karl, Tommy, Ken, Brian, Pete, Frank, Jeff, and Bob (who left us after the first 45 minutes because he's racing in Marion later this afternoon). The 70-mile route (not including 5 miles to and from home), started and ended at Fishback Academy in Trader's Point, taking us through Lebanon, Jamestown, North Salem, Danville, Lizton, and Pittsboro. We averaged 19.5 mph for the 70 miles, including a few sections of soft-pedaling.

Rate this ride: *****


  1. I'd love to learn what your method is for recovery, especially the nutrition aspect before and after the rides.


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