Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday Evening Intervals

I met up with Dr. Wozniak at The Preserve for 4 hill repeats before heading over to Fishback Academy to connect with a larger group of Nebo Ridge teammates for some intervals led by Aaron Bobinsky. We rode easy for about a half hour before arriving at a 4-mile Time Trial course that ABob had set up. After a reconnaissance lap around the course, we did two TTs at Lactate Threshold, with about a mile of easy spinning in between. It was quite challenging. Each lap took me about 11.5 minutes. The good news was that I maintained a similar average speed of about 21 mph for each lap. However, I'm not very happy with my average power output, which was only 221 watts for the first lap, and about 210 watts for the second. Nevertheless, normalized power for the entire 43 miles of riding this evening, which included a lot of soft-pedaling between hill repeats and TTs, was 217 watts.

Rate this ride: *** (intervals are hard)

Tomorrow, a nice recovery ride with my son at Nebo Ridge.

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