Saturday, June 19, 2010

St. Meinrad's Ride

Thanks to Bill Bahret for organizing St. Meinrad's Ride today, a very hilly 75-mile loop in Southern Indiana that begins and ends at St. Meinrad's Archabbey, west of the Hoosier National Forest. Here is the ride map:

A group of about 20 riders took part. Most of us spent last night at the abbey, preparing for an early start today. The abbey, pictured below, is a very interesting, comfortable, and quiet place, in a truly remote location; it's a great place for a retreat.

This morning's start was delayed about an hour, however, because of passing storms. Unfortunately, that meant Dr. Wilkes, Dr. Raynor and I had to truncate our ride because two of us had to be home by late this afternoon. So, we only managed to ride about 46 very hilly miles, which was more than enough for me, especially with temperatures climbing into the low-90s this afternoon. Climbs ranged in distance up to about a mile, with gradients that ranged up to 20 percent. For those who did the full 75-miles, the total elevation gain amounted to 5,200 feet. Some compared the last 20 miles or so to the Bataan Death March. Another reason to be glad I didn't have time for the full ride.

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