Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Ride that Grew and Grew

Went out this morning for a supposed "recovery ride" (after yesterday's hill-climbing in Southern Indiana) with Dr. Wilkes, Dr. Raynor et al. The plan was to ride at a moderate pace for about 2.5 hours, first heading south of Pittsboro, then north to Lebanon, and finally back to Trader's Point from there. But as anyone who has experience a Wilkes/Raynor knows only too well, initial plans often go out the window. When we got to the first SAG in Pittsboro, we decided to go "a little farther West" before heading north to Lebanon. Then, when we got to Lebanon, instead of turning for home, there was a vote (with me as the lone dissenter) to go to Whitestown first. It just goes to show how stupid democracy can be. Long story short: instead of 2.5 hours, we rode 3.5 hours and 65 miles.

The ride was mostly moderate. By "mostly" I mean that there were lots of the regular attacks and counter-attacks by the children (you know who you are), all of which I ignored. Occasionally, the pace of the whole group picked up above moderate levels - usually when Dr. Wilkes was on the front. When the pace grew too high (over about 23 mph), I would throw out the anchor to make everyone slow down.

All in all, 111 miles this weekend, including a lot of climbing. Time for a nap.

ADDENDUM: We are all just pretenders compared to the real hard man of Team Treachery and Deceit, Dr. Stevens, who after riding the entire St. Meinrad's Ride yesterday, most of it off the front, including 5,200 feet of total climbing, rode another 100.5 miles today. Jens Voight probably wishes he were more like Larry.

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