Wednesday, June 2, 2010

David Grossman on Israel, Gaza, and the Flotilla Attack

David Grossman is my favorite Israeli novelist. His book See Under: Love (Picador 2002) is among the best books I have ever read. In today's Guardian he has an excellent op-ed (here) with which I am in complete agreement. Here's a sample paragraph:
How insecure, confused and panicky a country must be, to act as Israel acted! With a combination of excessive military force, and a fatal failure to anticipate the intensity of the reaction of those aboard the ship, it killed and wounded civilians, and did so – as if it were a band of pirates – outside its territorial waters. This assessment does not imply agreement with the motives, overt or hidden, and often malicious, of some participants in the Gaza flotilla. Not all its people are peace-loving humanitarians, and the declarations of some of them regarding the destruction of the state of Israel are criminal. But these facts are simply not relevant at the moment: such opinions do not deserve the death penalty.

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