Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday Night World Championships

It had been awhile since I rode the Tuesday evening Nebo Ridge training ride. I've mostly been doing interval training on Tuesday evenings. I rode Nebo Ridge this evening because I needed to bring one of my bikes in to the shop for service anyway; and I figured the ride would be a bit of a test to see if my training and my special ice-cream diet have been working. The answer is yes.

I was in the front group the entire ride this evening, and even took a couple of pulls at the front. We averaged 22.5 mph for the 30-mile ride (I didn't take the extra 6-mile loop). That certainly motivates me to keep up the interval work-outs.

UPDATE: I shouldn't underestimate the effects on my riding of drinking coffee from my new "Jens" mug. It's probably given me an extra 10 watts of power as well as an urge to breakaway.


  1. Nice work!!! I'm impressed! I did intervals at home so I could also get some other things done this evening as well.

  2. If a Jens mug is the secret to gaining 10 watts, then I'll have to get one too! :)

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