Saturday, May 22, 2010

"Tour of Three Counties"

I rode a CIBA (Central Indiana Bicycling Association) ride today because it was leaving from my neighborhood (Fishback Creek Elementary School). I don't much like CIBA rides because of the huge crowds of disparate riders, the most dangerous of which are those who try to ride with the racers, even though they clearly lack the ability. Also, it becomes tricky to ride with my buddies on CIBA rides because it's difficult to keep the group together with so many riders on the road.

Today's ride started with a group pre-ride an hour before the start of the CIBA ride. We arrived back at Fishback Creek shortly before the official start of the CIBA ride, and I'm happy to report that the start of the ride was uneventful, though quite fast. Dr. Wilkes (as usual) could not prevent himself from chasing the big boys up front. Then, after a few miles, Dr. Raynor flatted. Several of us stopped with him, but we immediately split into two groups after he changed his tire. He continued north on the official route with Kenny G. (no, not that Kenny G.) and big Frank, while I took a short cut with the Bahrets, and Rebecca to make up for lost time. We never saw Karl, Kenny or Frank for the remainder of the ride, which I hope was safe for them.

The Bahrets, Rebecca and I soon enough made contact with the second group on the road, which included Dr. Wilkes. We all agreed that we would stop at the first SAG (and officially designated stopping point to snack and refill water bottles) and wait for Karl  et al. When we got there, however, Dr. Wilkes and the Bahrets blew right past it, while Rebecca and I slowed to a near stop. The two of us then decided to continue on our own, at our own pace. We took another short cut to avoid the short but nasty climb of "the Wall," and finished the nearly 50 miles at an average speed of 19.3 mph. Including the miles from and to home and the pre-ride, I covered 67 miles today.

Hopefully, I'll get in at least a short ride tomorrow before heading out of town late tomorrow morning for a conference in Cambridge, Mass.

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