Monday, May 17, 2010

Start-of-Summer Ritual

Today marked an annual ritual. I turned in my last set of grades this morning, and immediately began reorganizing my two offices (at school and at home) in preparation for summer writing. I finished cleaning up my school office more quickly than usual, reorganizing bookcases, moving papers from vertical stacks on the desk to either filing cabinets or recycling bins.

The situation is much worse at my home office, where I've simply run out of bookshelf space. I manage to clear off my desk and organize papers. Tomorrow, I'll resolve the bookshelf problem by purchasing a couple of new bookcases, which will go into my bedroom (with Mrs. Cyclingprof's permission) along with all of the fiction books currently in my office. That should buy me at least a couple more years of available bookshelf space to fill in my home office. I suppose I could avoid such problems in future by buying a Kindle or similar e-book reader. I still like the feel and smell of books, however.

By Wednesday, I should be writing.

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