Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Predicting the Outcome of Tomorrow's UK Elections: The Oxford Connection

Today's Times (London) has a story (here) that provides good reason to believe that Conservative leader David Cameron will become the next Prime Minister.
You have to go back to 1935 to find a university-educated PM who won an election and didn't go to Oxford! Can Nick Clegg (Cambridge) or Gordon Brown (Edinburgh) break the mould?

ElectionPrime MinisterUniversity
1945Clement AtleeOxford
1950Clement AtleeOxford
1951Winston Churchillno university
1955Antony EdenOxford
1959Harold MacmillanOxford
1964Harold WilsonOxford
1966Harold WilsonOxford
1970Edward HeathOxford
1974Harold WilsonOxford
1974Harold WilsonOxford
1979Margaret ThatcherOxford
1982Margaret ThatcherOxford
1987Margaret ThatcherOxford
1992John Majorno university
1997Tony BlairOxford
2001Tony BlairOxford
2005Tony BlairOxford

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