Saturday, May 8, 2010

Next Supreme Court Justice?

It sounds like the Washington Post has inside information that President Obama plans to nominate Elena Kagan, current Solicitor General and former (very successful) Dean of the Harvard Law School (see here). She would be the first nominee since William Rehnquist, nominated in 1972 by President Richard Nixon, without prior judicial experience; and she would be the first Solicitor General - the US government's chief litigator before the Supreme Court - to be nominated since President Franklin Roosevelt named Stanley Forman Reed.

I believe that Dean Kagan would make an excellent Supreme Court justice. She clearly has a judicial temperament (without which she could never have managed the Harvard faculty as she did), and a great intellect.

One interesting piece of triviata: if Kagan is nominated and confirmed, it would mark the first time in US history that no Protestant sat on the nation's highest court. The Court would be comprised of six Catholics and three Jews.

The nomination should drop this coming Monday or Tuesday.

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