Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Justice Benjamin Cardozo (1870-1938)

Arguably, Cardozo made his most important contributions to American jurisprudence opinions while serving on the 2d Circuit US Court of Appeals, but he wrote more than 100 opinions during his brief 6-year stint on the Supreme Court.


  1. Judge Cardozo, as he was known on the N.Y. Court of Appeals where he served 1914-1932, was never a federal Court of Appeals Judge on the Second, or any other, Circuit. See, e.g.,

    Perhaps you were thinking of his legal contemporary and fellow New York Stater, B(illings) Learned Hand, who served on the federal district court in Manhattan 1909-1924, and on the Second Circuit beginning in 1924.

    The photo is a lovely portrait of Cardozo. Where did you come upon it? In an age when interest in (and even knowledge of) Phi Beta Kappa is waning, it is lovely to see Judge Cardozo sporting his key from N.Y.'s Delta Chapter at Columbia (the Alpha Chapter is at Union College in Schenectady, my alma mater and Chapter) as it was intended -- a pocket-watch chain fob. See, e.g.,

  2. Sorry for the error. He served on the New York Court of Appeals, not on the Second Circuit. Dan


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