Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Windy Ride

The winds were up in Central Indiana this evening for the Nebo Ridge training ride. Blowing from the south at 20 mph, with gusts up to 30 mph, the "Killer Bs" rode north from the bike shop barely having to turn a pedal. After we crossed Hwy 32, the fireworks started as usual. Once the pace went over 30, I jumped off the bus, knowing that I needed to conserve energy for the coming crosswinds and headwinds.

Still on the way north, at a more moderate speed of 25-27 mph, I picked up a few other stragglers (all really good, strong riders), and we stayed together, knowing that we would soon be heading into the wind, and we could use strength in numbers. Indeed, once we turned West, the crosswind was truly brutal (vindicating my decision to to change out my deep-dish wheels for a set with shallow rims before the ride). On the short (1 or 2-mile) ride West, and the 8-mile ride South, we picked up several more riders, so that we finished with a pretty respectable gruppo. The last rider we picked up was my buddy Karl, who helped a lot to pull the group home. I spent a respectable amount of time on the front myself.

Well, that's 127 miles since Monday. So, I'm off the bike tomorrow. Good thing too: winds are supposed to be even stronger. Unfortunately, the coming weekend looks like a washout (almost literally).

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