Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Messi 4 - Arsenal 1

It is a gross understatement to say that Lionel Messi is "great." Today, he personally escorted Arsenal out of the Champion's League with four beautiful goals, including a first-half hat-trick. Arsenal briefly held a 1-0 lead, thanks to a second-chance effort from Niklas Bendtner, but Messi (and 10 other, largely unnecessary players for Barcelona) quickly and decisively turned the tables on an injury-weakened and over-matched Arsenal 11.

Now, the Gunners have nothing left but to chase down Chelsea and ManU for the Premier League title. Given their ongoing injury woes, it's going to be a tough ask. Hopefully, in preparation for next season, manager Arsene Wenger will have realized just how large is the gap in quality and depth between his side and Barcelona, and will bring in some fresh talent to help to close that gap.

UPDATE: Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has conceded that he must buy players to strengthen his team for next season, if the Gunners are to compete with the likes of Barca (see here).

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