Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Critical Habitat of Endangered Languages

New York City. This sentence comes from an article (here) in today's New York Times:
In addition to dozens of Native American languages, vulnerable foreign languages that researchers say are spoken in New York include Aramaic, Chaldic and Mandaic from the Semitic family; Bukhari (a Bukharian Jewish language, which has more speakers in Queens than in Uzbekistan or Tajikistan), Chamorro (from the Mariana Islands), Irish Gaelic, Kashubian (from Poland), indigenous Mexican languages, Pennsylvania Dutch, Rhaeto-Romanic (spoken in Switzerland) and Romany (from the Balkans) and Yiddish.
The article also mentions Vlashki (Istro-Romanian), Garifuna (remnant of language spoken by descendants of African slaves), Mamuju (Astronesian), Ormuri (language spoken in regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan),  Massalit (a tribal language from Darfur), and Garifuna (from Central America).

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