Sunday, March 7, 2010

Worth A Try, I Suppose

I was feeling a bit better this morning after a good night's sleep, and thought I might try some light intervals  on the trainer for an hour or so, but then...  I knew my cycling buds had scheduled a "recovery" ride for 11, and I saw the sun shining and the temps were warming. So, I thought, what the heck, let's give it a try. As I scurried to get bike and gear ready, I noticed several small holes and cuts in my rear wheel (which probably should have been caught during annual winter bike maintenance), so I starting changing out the tire for another one I had lying around, which also proved to have some holes in it. Running late at this point, I ran to the basement to grab bike #2, pumped up the tires, threw it on the car rack, tossed my gear in the back seat, and drove off to the meeting place. When I got there, I noticed I had forgotten my cycling shoes. So, I ran back home to grab those. And the guys rode toward my house to meet me. Finally, off we went.

First thing I noticed as we started riding was that my cycling computer wasn't functioning. Later, I discovered that the sensors and magnet were not aligned properly. No big deal, I thought, I'm just out for a ride, and don't really care about stats. Then, a couple of other guys noticed that my rear brake was slightly rubbing against the wheel rim, which is something else that shouldn't have happened just after winter service.

Mechanical issues aside, I found that I just wasn't recovered enough from the flu to keep up, even on a "recovery" ride. My legs didn't have the strength, and my lungs didn't have the capacity. So, after half and hour or so, I turned off and headed home.

The good news is that I managed to get in almost an hour on the bike on a lovely, sunny day, which is more than I expected for today. However, after nearly two weeks off the bike and recovering from the flu, I do feel like I've lost some fitness. Hopefully, I'll make that up over the next couple of weeks.

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