Saturday, March 6, 2010

Traditional Remedies

I believe in science and technology, including for resolving illnesses. But being married to an absolutely wonderful Polish woman, I have make concessions from time to time to her traditional remedies that have been passed down in her family from one generation to the next. This morning, for example, she treated my sore throat with two teaspoonfuls of a concoction comprised mostly of fresh onion juice, with a touch of lemon, plenty of garlic, and a little sugar. Later, she is promising me some "kogiel mogiel," which is both a sore throat treatment and a desert, made from egg yolks, sugar, and (if I have any say in the matter), a touch of vodka.

Do these home remedies work better than more modern technologies? I don't know. But, aside from the taste of the onion syrup, they don't do any harm, and they make my wife happy.

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