Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Break. What Break?

Yesterday evening, I taught my last class before Spring Break, which officially begins tomorrow. Spring Break means that I don't have to teach any classes next week. Other than that, it really is no break at all. More than anything else, the lack of classes means that I will likely work more, rather than fewer, hours than usual next week because I will not have the fatigue of teaching.

Among other things on the agenda for the next week: I have to finish preparing PowerPoint slides for the remaining four weeks of Land Use classes; I must make reasonable further progress on Chapter 4 of my Selling Hot Air book (I define "reasonable further progress" as at least finish the section of the chapter I'm currently writing on the history of US climate policy up to the present); and my wife and I have to make a final decision about a job offer in hand.

I also hope to get in some miles on my bike next week, if I can get rid of this darn cough. That would, of course,  be an important goal even if it were not Spring Break.

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