Friday, March 19, 2010

No Wonder Europeans Think Americans are Obnoxious

Retired US Marine Corps General John Sheehan, former joint NATO "supreme commander" and apparent lunatic, testified before Congress that the existence of gay soldiers in the Dutch army contributed significantly to the July 1995 disaster in the Bosnian "safe haven" of Srebrenica. The approximately 400 Dutch soldiers charged with defending the town failed to carry out their mission; they were handcuffed to telephone polls and generally humiliated by Serbian forces, who then marched 8,000 Muslim men and boys out of the city and murdered  them.

Needless to say, Dutch officials have contradicted and condemned Sheehan's claim. The Times (UK) has the story here.

Sheehan should be ashamed of himself, should apologize for reinforcing the stereotype of the stupid and boorish American, and should never speak in public again.

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