Tuesday, March 16, 2010

News Flash

I did not "win" the first round of the 2010 edition of the Tuesday night World Championships  - the 26-mile (soon to be 30-mile) training loop from the Nebo Ridge Bike Shop - this evening. But it was good to see a lot of friends and teammates I hadn't seen throughout the winter. I dropped out of the lead group at about the halfway point of the ride and, in effect, TT'd my way back solo. I worked pretty hard - normalized power of 252 and max heart rate of 185 - and felt good about the effort.

UPDATE: I later discovered that I had a slow leak in my rear tire from a sidewall puncture that I must have gotten when I hit a bad pothole just north of 32. Glad I was riding 25cm tires; otherwise, I might have bent a rim. Indeed, given the condition of the roads this time of year, I'm surprised that anyone would train on 23cm tires.

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