Monday, March 15, 2010

First Ride in Weeks

I went to see the doctor today about my lingering chest congestion. She gave me a script for antibiotics and, most importantly, cleared me to ride. Fortunately for me, Coach Bob and the boys were scheduled for a "recovery" ride today, which, after three weeks off the bike, was the only type of ride I could manage without getting dropped. Except for a stretch heading south (with the wind) at about 24 mph, everyone was very well behaved, and I got some good miles (28 of them) in my legs.

Tomorrow evening is the first regular Tuesday evening training ride - otherwise known as the Tuesday World Championships -  of 2010 from the Nebo Ridge Bike Shop at 106th and Michigan Rd. I'm sure I'll get tossed out the back as soon as we cross Ind. 32. But give me a few weeks to catch up, and I should be able to stick with the fast group.

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