Saturday, March 20, 2010

Excellent Day for an Endurance Training Ride

Temps in the low 60s. Low humidity. Westerly winds at around 10 mph. A good group of 10 riders, although we lost one early with a broken spoke (sorry Bill). We headed north to Elizaville and then over to Lebanon before heading back toward home. We worked hard, seemingly always with a headwind or crosswind.

The final tally: 50 miles, averaging about 19 mph; normalized power for the ride was 233 Watts. Somehow, at some point, I hit 1000 Watts. Not bad for March.

Thanks to Doctor Attack, Doctor Stevens, Dave and his daughter Meg (who is awesome, by the way), Brian, Kenny, Andy, Rebecca, Tim W., and I'm forgetting someone.

Tomorrow, if the rain holds off in the morning, hill repeats at the Preserve.

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