Monday, March 8, 2010

A Day in the Life

Most folks don't know what it is that law professors do with their time, other than teaching their classes. Here's what I did today, which was a fairly typical teaching day (but quite different from a typical writing day).

7:00-7:30am      Up and eat breakfast.
7:30-8:50am      Overnight emails, Google Reader entries, and blog.
9:00-10:10am    Short bike ride in Eagle Creek Park.
10:30-11:15am  Read colleague's new paper.
11:15-11:40am  Druga sniadania (early lunch) with wife.
11:45-12:05       Drive to school.
12:10-12:45pm  Finish preparing for Law & Economics class.
12:45-2:10 pm   Teach Law & Economics.
2:15-2:45pm      Meet with Dean.
2:45-3:15pm      Emails and Google reader entries; another blog.
3:15-5:30pm      Finish prepping 2-hour Land Use class.
5:30-7:20pm      Teach Land Use.
7:30-7:50pm       Drive home.
8:00-8:15pm       Eat dinner.
8:15-9:00pm       Emails and Google Reader entries; another blog.
9:00-10:30pm     Reading
10:30 pm            Lights out (unless I feel up to Stewart and Colbert)

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