Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wenger Really Has Lost the Plot

According to this article in tomorrow morning's The Independent, Arsene Wenger alleges that Arsenal are criticized more than other teams simply because they try to play positive football, while other teams that "refuse to play" are treated less harshly when they lose.

How difficult can it be for someone as smart as Wenger to understand that it's not just a matter of trying to play football (soccer) "the right way"; it's also a matter of having the right players in the right positions to play "the right way"?

Van Persie was injured months ago already. He had the money to spend in the January transfer window. Serviceable strikers were available. But, apparently, Wenger's ego got in the way. How impressive would it have been to win the title with an under-sized play-making winger substituting for a striker? One thing's for sure at this point, we'll never know.

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