Sunday, February 14, 2010

In Case Anyone Has Noticed...

I have not been blogging a lot lately on substantive issues of law, politics, or economics. In part, that is because I've been preoccupied with daily work matters, including trying to get some writing done and reading various manuscripts for colleagues. Two of those manuscripts by, respectively, Penn law prof Matt Adler (on social welfare analysis) and Butler econ prof Peter Grossman (on US energy policy) should be published in  2011/12, and will be very strongly recommended on this blog. I've also been spending time thinking about possible career and location changes, which consumes a surprising amount of energy.

The most important reason for the relative dearth of substantial postings of late is that I haven't been finding much in the news, politics or economic situation worth posting about. That's not to say that nothing is happening in the world. Google Reader feeds me literally thousands of bits of data each day. For the most part, however, I don't find much in that data (a) that interests me, (b) is within my relatively limited (compared to other bloggers) metier, and (b) is worth posting about. In particular, unlike some other bloggers, I have little interest in pretending to understand the macro economy, which frankly no one (and I mean NO ONE) really understands. Having become fed up with the pontifications of others on political and economic topics, I have become loathe to add my own, at least for the time being.

One piece of personal reading news: I have finally given up on Anthony Powell's Dance to the Music of Time, half way through the second novel in the series. It is easy, perhaps, facile to compare Powell with  Proust. I find both unendurable for the same reason: nothing ever really happens. Powell's work has also been analogized to Robert Musil's wonderful Man Without Qualities, but I prefer Musil as a writer and story-teller.

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