Tuesday, February 23, 2010

End of Winter Training

This is the last week of Winter Training at the Nebo Ridge Bike Shop in West Carmel. (Unfortunately, winter itself did not get the message about ending this week.) Because I have to go out of town on Thursday, tonight is my last night, which means the last lactate threshold (LT) test. So far this winter season (since October), my 20-minute threshold power level has improved from 260W to 289W. I was hoping to be able to average 300W this evening, but I'm not sure I'm feeling up to it. We'll see.

UPDATE: 303W. That's in the ballpark for Cat 4 racers (though I don't race).


  1. You can do it!!! :)

  2. I often wonder about the idea of " average watts". Even if one takes all the numbers put up over a 20 min faux ride and divide by the number of minutes ridden...what does that tell you?

    Not a bunch.

  3. What it tells you is the kind of power you can expect to maintain over a certain length of time. A 20 minute lactate threshold (LT) of 303W translates into a one-hour LT of approximately 270W. Building threshold power means building endurance for faster-pace rides. Building threshold power per kilo of rider weight means building climbing ability.

  4. I knew you could beat 300... Congratulations!! :)

  5. Thanks Rebecca. Good luck on Thursday.

  6. I was hoping for a 20-watt increase, but only got 15. Either way, I'm happy with how my TT went.

    See you out on the road soon!


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