Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Arsenal to Sign Chamakh

The Times (of London) is reporting (here) that Arsenal will sign the highly-rated French striker Marouane Chamakh (pictured left), when his current contract with Bordeaux expires in the summer. Chamakh has been courted by several other teams, including Liverpool and Inter Milan, but Arsene Wenger has been courting him for a long time. It's just too bad that Arsenal were unable to secure Chamakh's services during the January transfer window. He was just what they needed to compete against Man U and Chelsea. But better late than never. Chamakh's arrival should, at least, calm the fears of Arsenal supporters that current Gunners such as Fabregas and Arshavin might demand transfers after yet another trophy-less season.

UPDATE: Arsense Wenger has denied that Arsenal have already signed Chamakh, but the Times story referenced above only claims that they have in place an agreement to sign him after his current contract with Bordeaux expires.

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