Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Year 1 of the Obama Presidency

Andrew Sullivan, writing in The Atlantic (here), has a nicely modulated, fair-minded perspective on the first year of the Obama Administration. Overall, he finds Obama's first year in office to have been quite successful, especially in light of the economic challenges he faced. I tend to agree. I also agree with Sullivan's sense of the President as "a liberal pragmatist in politics and a traditional conservative in his understanding of the presidency" which might explain both the vitriol from the right and the increasing catcalls from the left.

I'm not sure of Obama's approach to the presidency as a recipe for reelection, but so long as he continues to anger the raving lunatics at Fox News as well as Liberals (with a really big 'L') who believed that they were electing a combination of Moses and Noam Chomsky, my own vote for reelection is reasonably secure.

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