Sunday, January 24, 2010

God in Haiti

Eleven full days after the earthquake in Haiti, a man was rescued from the rubble, severely dehydrated but otherwise unharmed. The chief of the French rescue team that freed him pointed to the sky declaring, "This is God" (see here). I do not question the Frenchman's religious conviction, but I do want to ask him, what about the 150,000 people (at latest count) who have died?

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  1. Even assuming there is a God, and I so assume, I rather doubt he directly causes disaster proactively to make a point.

    So, while God created the universe, he isn't directly responsible for the workings therein. By creating the laws that govern the universe God has a certain amount of "plausible deniability" as it applies to the direct application of any given catastrophe.

    But, I do find it amazing that people only seem to deal with God, in times of duress....


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