Saturday, January 23, 2010

First Outdoor Ride of 2010

Great day for a ride! 43 degrees, overcast, misty, wet roads, and a consistent 16 mph wind from the SE.

41 miles at an average wattage of 231, according to my iBike (though I bonked at mile 33).

It is impossible with current technology to simulate in indoor training the qualities of an outdoor ride -  the wind, the heaviness and moisture content of the air, the bumps and gradations in the road, getting dropped by Jerry, etc.

UPDATE: According to PerfPro's analysis, my normalized power was 298 watts, and I averaged 300 watts for 20 minutes during the ride, which is 11 watts higher than my best ever lactate threshold test. Something must be wrong with my iBike.

FURTHER UPDATE: After sending the file for my ride to iBike, everything seems to be working properly.

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