Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Creation "Museum"

A.A. Gill has a very humorous piece in the new Vanity Fair (here) about his visit to the "Creation Argument, err, Museum" in Northern Kentucky:

The Creation Museum isn’t really a museum at all. It’s an argument. It’s not even an argument. It’s the ammunition for an argument. It is the Word made into bullets. An armory of righteous revisionism. This whole building is devoted to the literal veracity of the first 11 chapters of Genesis: God created the world in six days, and the whole thing is no more than 6,000 years old. Everything came at once, soTyrannosaurus rex and Noah shared a cabin. That’s an awful lot of explaining to do. This place doesn’t just take on evolution—it squares off with geology, anthropology, paleontology, history, chemistry, astronomy, zoology, biology, and good taste. It directly and boldly contradicts most -onomies and all -ologies, including most theology.
I'd like to take my kids there for a visit. Here's a photo of one very funny panorama in the museum:

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