Saturday, January 23, 2010

Colts v. Jets

Call me a "homer," but I smell a Colts win tomorrow. Big deal, you might say, pretty much everyone expects the Colts to win. Here's the difference: I'm expecting a blow-out. The Colts offense puts up at least 24 against the league's top-rated defense, and the Jets score no more than 1 touchdown (if that). Peyton & Co. head back to Miami, the site of their victory over the Bears in Super Bowl 41, to take on either the Vikings or the Saints. I'm not predicting that game, but my sister and her family live in New Orleans, so I'm pulling for the Saints.

UPDATE: Well, it was a second-half blow-out. After trailing 17-13 at halftime, the Colts blanked the Jets in the second half to win 30-17.

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