Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Carbon Content of Climate Policy Research

I just did a partial re-organization of my home office, which is where I collect the research for my climate policy book-in-progress: Selling Hot Air: Emissions Trading and Offsets in Climate Policy (forthcoming Cambridge University Press). That research now fills three full shelves of books and three-ring binders, plus a 3'x6' folding table on which sit 24 vertically stacked piles of papers and articles, organized by topic, ranging in height from a few inches to more than two feet. The total number of pieces of paper must be well into the tens of thousands, which along with the electricity used to conduct research and read the papers, plus the ink used to print them (and I only print the most important papers - many others are bookmarked on Google Chrome for easy electronic access when I need them), must give my climate research a substantial carbon footprint. Ironic? Sure, but also (mostly) unavoidable.

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