Sunday, December 6, 2009

Putting Pressure On Myself to Get Some Writing Done This Week

Classes are over and the final exam is written, which means I should be able to get some good writing done this coming week. I have some work to do shoring up Chapters 2 and 3 of the climate policy book in light of some useful comments I've received. Beyond that, I definitely need to get started on Chapter 4, which is about why the US and international community should, but likely will not, follow Europe's lead on climate policy. Specifically, they should pay more attention to administrative - specifically, monitoring and enforcement - costs in designing emissions trading and offset programs for greenhouse gas emissions. Unfortunately, all the signals coming out of Washington and Copenhagen indicate that the US and other parties to the Kyoto Protocol remain committed to comprehensive emissions trading and large-scale offset programs that are extremely costly to monitor for environmental integrity, i.e., to ensure net emissions reductions.

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