Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Three Road Bikes

1. 2006 Merlin Cyrene

2. 2001 Bianchi XL Boron 

3. 2001 Bianchi San Remo 


  1. Hi- I was wondering if you have problems with your integrated headset on your merlin cyrene? Mine won't stay adjusted- a shame for such an expensive bike- makes it junky....

  2. Nope. No problems with the headset on the Merlin.

  3. Hi,
    Just wondering how your Bianchi Xl Boron is holding up?
    Any issues with the frame or fork?
    Jeff/Ann Arbor

  4. The Bianchi is holding up beautifully. In fact, a few of my friends, as well as the mechanics at the shop I frequent, covet it. I confess I don't ride it much in the summer, although I'll occasionally use it for hilly rides (it's a bit lighter than my Merlin). Otherwise, it's my dedicated winter (indoor) training bike.


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